The Rules of the Game for Novitiate Deleters

The author, Irina Tsukerman, is an attorney with a background in National Security and Middle East, and long-standing interests in international relations, human rights, and international law. The purpose of this website is to highlight the interrelations between these issues, to bring to light many aspects of security and foreign affairs, which are overlooked in the general discussion, and to generate thoughtful, provocative, and respectful dialogue within a diverse forum of intellectually curious individuals.

What this website is not:

– It is not a place for ad hominem attacks and flame wars.  If you engage in personal attacks or tangential/irrelevant rants, you may be banned from the page.

– It is not a place for self-promotion. Please do not spam the comment section with your product/service ads.

– It is not a place for political correctness. Witty, sarcastic, and un-PC remarks are encouraged. (Random insults, ill manners, and thoughtless remarks, however, are not)

– It is not a place where the author attempts to solve all world’s problems in one fell swoop. The author will bring together her insights to put forward commentary, analysis, and policy recommendations, and will encourage feedback and intense discussion… but will stay away from sweeping generalizations. If you prefer emotional discussions on what’s is wrong with the world today,  there are many great fora, which encourage that. Some even come with kittens.

– The author’s views are entirely her own and do not reflect  the views of any agency, organization, or group, public or private. However, the blogroll in the sidebar links to a number of websites affiliated with respected publications and former government agents, which will provide diverse and fascinating insights. The author may or may not agree with the viewpoints of those publications, individual authors, or posts, but strongly encourages the readers to engage in a variety of perspectives.

– This is not a news reel. Please do not expect to see updates to every development of possible interest. The author does not claim to be a reporter or a journalist, so the standard of professional ethics she abides by on this website, is entirely her own. The author will gratefully accept corrections to any faulty news items she might reference and will take note of any relevant recommendations for future material, but does not guarantee that the website will feature all or any of the suggestions.

What this website is:

– This is a salon, focused on bringing together a diverse, interested audience.  The idea is to create a forum based off the author’s posts and related issues. Any comments or discussions that are relevant and can further discussion in a meaningful way are encouraged. That includes, but not limited to, links to other relevant posts or publications, literature, quotes, or clips,  or any other recommendations that can broaden perspectives and increase understanding and engagement.

– The author encourages the visitors to talk to each other and not just the author. However, if your commentary becomes completely tangential, this is a great opportunity to create a networking connection and continue your conversation privately.  Occasionally, the author may post open threads, with more room for “free-for-all”, but overall, please keep in mind the purpose of the website as you engage in the discussion.

– This is a place where diverse backgrounds and perspectives are respected.  Unless  you engage in illegal or needlessly inflammatory rhetoric, you will not be turned away.

– The author enjoys exploring a broad spectrum of media, and may occasionally reference films, literary or artistic works, or other subjects, which may feature themes central to this website. The author encourages thoughtful, serious discussion and scholarly essays, but is not against some light-hearted moments.  Intense gatherings do not have to be monotonous, excessively academic, dry, humorless,  or boring.

– The salon is a living, evolving entity, which will end up reflecting the audience at least as much as it reflects the author.  Do not be surprised if you will see changes in format and shifts in emphasis of content over time. However, the one constant is the warm, engaging, and enthusiastic atmosphere the author aims to foster.

Intended Audience:

People who listen.

Contact the author:


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